So, you’re going to be sweating all over your mat. Fantastic! That’s exactly what it’s designed for.

The cork surface is antimicrobial, meaning bacteria can't grow on it, however you still want to remove dirt, grime and oil build up. 

There are a couple of ways you can go about cleaning your mat. They are…

Option 1: Daily cleaning

It is very simple to clean the mat. You need a soft cloth, warm water and some lemon juice.

Step 1: lay the mat out flat

Step 2: add a few drops of lemon juice to the warm water and mix them together

Step 3: dampen cloth with the water/lemon mixture and gently wipe the surface of the mat. You may want to spend a little more time on areas that have marks.

Step 4: Leave the mat where it is and allow the cork to dry. This shouldn’t take long. Once dry roll it up and store it as you normally do.

Option 2: Deep clean

This option is great for someone you sweats a lot (you know who you are)! This method is best done in the evening so the mat has time to dry out. 

Step 1: Take your mat to the shower.

Step 2, Get the shower going. Make sure the water is warm, not hot. 

Step 3: Rince the mat under the water for 3-5 minutes. You can do this with the mat loosely rolled.

Step 4: hang the mat over the shower rail and leave it to dry. This is best done over night. Don’t forget to place a towel underneath to catch the drips.